Staff Ordering Instructions
@ TCE Cafe

All orders have a 30 mins preparation time.

1 Staff ID can only order 5 items. 

However, you are allowed to collect on your colleagues behalf.


11:00am ~ 12:00pm

2:00pm ~ 3:00pm

These are the time that we hope you can avoid for your collection. This is to help us to prepare the next stage of service on time.


The time that TCE is opened for service. though we are aware of our inadequacy, we will do our best within our means.

1st order


last order





Service Roadmap

Made for the IHiS community

We use this to tell our story. Our story of support received from IHiS. Our story as we take steps each month to implement new changes to improve our service quality and time. We take steps to ensure that communications are transparent .

The story of our challenges

TCE is a platform that allows ex-offenders to restart their lives, to stop dealing drugs, to stop running, to learn new skills... Strap in.

April 2017
Founder Matthew Poh first founded TCE in 2017. He was fired from his post in 2019 and in 2020, he restarted TCE 2.0, with the help from his benefactor-friend, Yuen Ho.
Year 2021
Where many businesses collapses , our beneficiaries carried TCE through the Covid year. Thank you kids.
February 2022

“After Covid, we were very drained. Giving up was our only option. We prayed for a miracle and miracles we were given. ”

Managing Founder, TCE

IHiS approached us to consider operating their in-house cafe.

At that point, we were operating in OCH and starting another in-house cafe in HTX. IHiS came as an answer needed.

April 2022
IHiS through their CSR, offered us a place and housed our ex-offenders, providing us an opportunity to earn ourselves a living. Deal was inked and we moved into IHiS.    🎉

ps : We were not ready to handle the avalanche of surprises we are about to face.

“Happy surprises quickly turned to a stunned state as we were unprepared to handle the huge orders during lunch. We have to react with daring changes and quick!”

Shareholder, Exec Chef, Siew Yeun

May 2022
Customers were queuing for an average of "an hour" as they wait for their food. 😡

Shopify's POS in conjunction with some written orders were just not enough.
Kitchen and Bar were missing information as orders poured in. Deliveries were delayed and customers' patience started to wear dangerously thin.

Serve time ~ 1 hour

While fine-tuning the operation stations and re-assigning staff to focus on parts of the cog wheel, our service time shortened.
Exploring numerous off-the-shelves solutions, Matthew finally settled on, an online shared Doc solution.
7 days a week, 16 hrs a day, we ploughed into the solutions.

June 2022
We developed an inhouse KDS ( Kitchen display system ), where our team is informed in real-time the changes in orders and demand. This is managed in a app and our timing continued to shortened.

Serve time, dropped to 30 mins.

July 2022
Our new KDS system became the backbone that we depended on for the service to be efficient. In the course of the fine-tuning, the serve time drastically dropped to about 10 mins.
Co-incidentally the number of staff consuming in the cafe have increased by about 30%.

Serve time, dropped to 10 mins.

August 2022
🚀 TCE KDS launches
We finally cleared most of the setup and formulas and we launched the system inhouse.

Serve time, dropped to 2 mins. 🤩🌈🌟✨

September 2022
Like all real challenges, settle one, and get ready to face the next.
We just measured and realised that the number of customers served daily have increased.

“Challenges come and go. What is most important is that we face the challenges head-on and attempt to solve it. After which, we need to get ready to face another new challenge. That is life and that is the hurdle that separates those that are determined in life and those that are not. ”

Matthew, TCE Founder

Number of customers per day have increased 59% from 300 tickets per day
to 477 tickets per day.

Today's Challenge

Number of customers per day have increased 59% from
300 tickets per day in May 2022 to
477 tickets per day in September 2022

We will continue to serve and improve. If we have been short in any areas, do highlight to us and allow us to catch up with the service. Thank you sincerely.