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As Baristas in heart, we acquire and amass our knowledge in coffee over time. Persistently, we practice, practice and practice, till we are intoxicated with C8H10N4O2 . A state which probably only we can manage, because of our past; our past as drug abusers and drug dealers.‍
‍We may not be proud of our past and we have surely paid the price of our actions. The one gain we have acquired over decades is our acute senses on evaluating, managing and delivering flavours.‍
‍With this, we humbly "though it may not seems so sometimes, 😏" and diligently learn the the ropes of  peaceful living, diligent attendance and responsible attitude.‍
‍We might fail, we might fall, we might even give up, but TCE will keep the door open always, so that all the need this chance, will be able to find it.‍🙏🏻😇

Taste the difference
Taste the difference
Taste the difference