First of all, we are BROTHERS.

We live & breath Caffeine. From the moment we wake daily, we take our first slip of the energy giving and thought provoking substance.

From here, we continue our meditation on all aspects of caffeine mastery..

Caffeine, is the drug that is driving us towards our goal of mastery. Most important of all, not all drugs wreak havoc in people's life.

This drug C8H10N4O2 can also help us construct a new life.

Here in "THE CAFFEINE EXPERIENCE" is where those ideas are taught. This is the place where we can practice, that which will give us a chance to change our lives.

We were drug dealers, abusers; We were the fallen ones; we were those that have been incarcerated for crossing the line.

More important of all is that we are those that have acknowledged our failures.

Now, we are committed to a new life of purpose and also committed to help those who are experiencing a similar path.

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