A prison Cell where our dreams are flared and hopes are kept high waiting for our release.
The background of our stories in prison

From Addictions .

Stuck in the abyss of drugs addiction, we don't get to see the light of day; not unless there is intervention. Intervention that stops us where we are and deliver us to a new realm of existence. Such is gift that prison provides. Providing us an opportunity to change and possibility of exercising a new lease of life. . .

To Incaceration.

Prison was a place where we feared and we attempt our very best to stay away. But the truth to be told; Incaceration was the best thing that have happened to us.
With the sentence, we embarked on a new life in prison. With help and guidance from Singapore's Prison Officers, we take a bold step to change. To change for the better and to attempt to live a life without any dependence on drugs.

To Redemption . . . .

Its always said; " An addict will never change". Such are the words of those who have not boldly made an attempt to change. A change, not just to avoid drug abuse; but a change to live a new lifestyle. To have a new job, new friends and new responsibilities. . . . .

Such is what we try to provide in. . . . .

Our Belief |
Preface |

Our prison story, our experience

In B5HU3, Singapore Changi Prison, an idea was born. An idea that brothers coming out from prison should be given a leg up. An assistance for them to start all over again after paying for their crimes.At the point of release, we are like a vulnerable 5-year old kid, hopeful yet fearful, happy yet frightened. If we mix with the wrong crowd, chances are that we will end back in prison, like the fate of 60% of drug-offence releases. If we have the opportunity to commune with people accepting us and encouraging us as we try to restart, we might just stand a chance; a chance not to relapse into oblivion.

Such is the soul of “The Caffeine Experience”. A place where we are accepted not just for our past but also who we are. A place where we can call home and start again.In the year of our Lord, 2017 and with the help of my prison officer, Mr Hilary Lo, we started building this Ark. 9 months of tears and sweat as we faced criti- cism and rejection while raising funds. With the blessings of our Lord and some generous benefactors, we opened our first cafe in Tanjong Pagar in April 2018. The road was not easy; from product failure, to low sales, to hopelessness, but we continued to press on. Some stood by us, some abandoned ship. It was a winding road of emotional roller-coaster.

We got another breakthrough as we open our second cafe in Tan Tock Seng Hospital in November 2018. Sales was good and staff’s moral was high. Slowly complacency creeped in and delinquency became our stumbling block. 9 months later, we had to take stock of our direction as accusations of fraud and legal threats threatened to destroy the the existence of this social enterprise.At this point of crisis, most of our beneficiaries courageously stood up for the cause. Though they were individually targeted and fired from their jobs, they stood firm in their core belief of TCE. Their courage showed us the reason to continue the work, the work of a supportive social enterprise, and again, with God’s blessing, the same benefactor came forward to buy over the aggressors share, gave them the money they so treasured,  the“Pharisees” left and without their mindset interfering, TCE got a new lease of life, to continue to look after the beneficiaries.

The Caffeine Experience 2.0 restarted.

| in cafe
| our people

"The Glorious Achievement was in fact an illusion which turns out to be the reason for my decade logn incacceration. . "

Shariff Hussein |
OCH Assistant manager |

our Assistant manager story

"I ran & ran from one trouble to another. I searched but never found. I was lost."

| Saulvinton Yeow
| Chef Supervisor

this is the story of our supervisor Saulvinton

"I Cried & Cried & cried. Either this or the boy's home. I was scared. . ."

Reyan Rahmat |
The Roaster |

our Assistant manager story

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