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Huila is a mountainous region that lies in the southwest of the country between the Eastern and Central mountain ranges, in the Colombian Massif, where these meet. It is nestled on the flank of the Andes near the Nevado del Huila volcano, the second highest peak in Colombia.  The rich soils and lush climate are ideal for many crops including yucca, sugar cane, bananas, cocoa, and beans, as well as coffee.

Since the region lies relatively close to the equator it means that coffee harvesting happens almost year round, enabling high volumes of production.  Rich volcanic soils, lush climate, and ideal altitude all combine to make coffee from the Huila district some of the most exquisite in Colombia.  And in 2013, it received Denomination of Origin status for coffee, putting it on a parr with the status awarded to champagne, Roquefort cheese, and many other foods and beverages with unique, location-specific characteristics.