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Southern Minas Gerais is one of the most productive regions in Brazil. It has some of the largest coffee producers in Brazil as well as many small farms. This region accounts for 30% of Brazil’s coffee production. This region has been growing Arabica coffee since the 1850s and is characterized by rolling hills, a mild climate averaging 23° C, and high elevations. Thus, its micro climate greatly contributes to the high quality coffees. 

The mountainous terrains go up to 1,400 metres above sea level and are ideal for cultivating coffee. The most common varieties that are cultivated in Sul De Minas are Yellow Catuai and Novo Mundo. The rest includes Icatu and Red Catuai. Most coffee are washed-processed and natural-processed. Their cup-profiles are typically: full-bodied, low-acidity, fruity aromas, chocolatey and citric notes.