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Muthithi Farmer Cooperative Society

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Muthithi is a central province of Muranga county located in Kenya. Its coffee industry is formed by over 1,200 farmers, who constitute the Muthithi Farmer Cooperative Society. Each member owns a small farm of between 0.5-2 hectares. The farms are situated along the Aberdare Mountain range on which coffees are grown on nutrient-rich red volcanic soil; the climate keeps the vegetation cool and well-respirated, thus producing the juicy and superior coffee flavours. 

On average, the coffee farms are found on altitudes ranging from 1,550 - 1,800 metres above sea level. Common coffee varietals include: SL34, SL28 and Batian. Kenyan coffee goes through the “Kenya Washed” process - a fully wash-process with an additional soak that lasts from 12-72 hours. Kenyan coffee has medium-to-full body, pleasant acidity, sweet flavours of milk chocolate and sugar cane, and fruity aromas.