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Manantiales del Frontino

Andrés Felipe Londoño

Caicedonia is a town in the department of Valle del Cauca of Western Colombia. Coffees are grown along the 2 Andes ranges in this region with the Cauca river running through it, contributing to the uniqueness in the coffee cultivation. The native forests and water streams from the central mountain range have resulted in outstanding and superb coffee quality. A reputable coffee that has been birthed out of this place is the Geisha Manantiales which has a SCA score of 90 and was named “coffee of the year” at the 2011 SCA conference.

Coffee is typically grown at an altitude ranging from 1,400 - 1,800 metres above sea level. Common varietals in this region include Geisha, Bourbon, Caturra etc. The coffee typically undergoes wash processes. Notable cupping notes from the Geisha are jasmine, grape, mango and berries, champagne-like acidity, fruity and floral aroma.