Coffee varietal


Originated from Portugal, the Catimor is a hybrid of the Timor Hybrid and Carturra varietals. Catimor has a dwarf-like plant size along with large and wide leaves. Some special characteristics include: leaf-rust resistance, pest resistance and a short life-span of 10 years. Today, Catimor is commonly found in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam.

Catimor coffee exhibits the following traits in its taste profile:

  • Smooth body
  • Crisp, sweet acidity
  • Nutty and fruity aromas
  • Flavour notes: berries, black tea, citrus

In 1959, Portugese scientists had the goal of creating a breed of coffee bean with: a small plant size, high yields and high resistance to diseases, and thus they created the Catimor cultivar through cross-breeding the Caturra varietal and a hybrid of the Timor varietal.

The Timor Hybrid is resistant to “coffee leaf rust” due to its Robusta genetic roots, while the Caturra is a small and compact plant size which allows easier large-scale farming, leading to high yield production. Hence, through cross-breeding, the Catimor cultivar inherited the best of both plants.

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