Coffee varietal


Carturra, which is a Guarani word for ‘small’, is a mutation of the Bourbon varietal. It is a high-yielding plant with a dwarf-like stature which allows it to be planted closely together. It is a varietal that requires high maintenance: abundance of water, care and fertilization. It produces especially great taste profiles when grown at higher elevations. Caturra is commonly found in Brazil and Latin America.

Carturra coffee exhibits the following traits in its taste profile:

  • Low-to-medium body; creamy mouthfeel
  • Bright, sweet acidity
  • Nutty, woody aroma
  • Flavour notes: chocolatey, brown sugar, berries

Commonly used in Colombia, Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal, which was first found in the town of Caturra, Brazil, in the early 1900s. As the plant is shorter, Caturra produces higher yield compared to Bourbon. Caturra played a significant role economically and was often used as a benchmark for new cultivars to be tested against. It is also more resistant to diseases than older varietals.

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