Coffee varietal


Geisha is an incredibly popular and all-rounded varietal which has won numerous coffee tasting awards. This exquisite coffee is highly sought after and has become the most expensive coffee in the world; it carried a hefty price tag of $1029 per pound in 2019 (record-breaking). Geisha coffee trees are tall, known for their elongated leaves and fruit, as well as distinct fruity notes and intense floral aromas.

Geisha coffee exhibits the following traits in its taste profile:

  • Light body
  • Bright and balanced acidity
  • Sweet floral, jasmine aroma
  • Flavour notes: berry, peach, mango, lime

Geisha was first discovered in the Geisha village in Ethiopia in 1931. It has since been imported to grow in other Central American countries like Panama, Costa Rica etc. It won the “Best of Panama” coffee tasting competition in 2004 due to its vibrant, complex and unique flavour profile. Although Geisha is highly resistant to the “Coffee Leaf Rust” disease, it is a difficult variety to grow. The plants have low yield and require high maintenance.

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