Coffee varietal

Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon, it has nothing to do with alcohol. It is a rare and coveted hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon which originated from Colombia. It is not easy to grow as it requires meticulous effort from the farmers to grow and harvest the beans. Pink Bourbon itself has a substantial amount of sugar, hence creating a silkier body, and often giving Geisha-like qualities of floral and clean citrus notes.

Pink Boubon coffees exhibits the following traits in its taste profile:

  • Silky, light-to-medium body
  • Clean, Crisp acidity
  • Brown-sugar, floral aromas
  • Flavour notes: Lemon, peach, kiwi, cherry

Originated from Colombia, Pink Bourbon is a form naturally mutated from red and yellow Bourbon. It is a recessive plant which is challenging to cultivate. Farmers have to isolate their crops to successfully cross-pollinate and consistently grow the pink fruit. Pink Bourbon has good resistance to rust and produces a good amount of yield while doesn't require too much fertilizer.

Parent X
Yellow Bourbon
Parent Y
Red Bourbon
Brown Sugar