Coffee varietal


In comparison to Arabica, C.Canephora which is also known as Robusta, has twice as much caffeine, has a harsher and bitter taste, and it is less acidic. As such, Robusta does not produce rich flavours and is considered inferior to C.Arabica in the coffee industry, hence it is tagged with a lower price. Nevertheless, Robusta is not all bad. High quality Robustas can produce espressos with deep flavour and good crema. Robustas are easier to grow in comparison to C.Arabica due to higher resilience. They are more productive, can grow at lower altitudes, have higher resistance to coffee leaf rust, diseases, pests and weather conditions. On average, Robusta is one-third cheaper than Arabica and are mass produced to create instant coffee.

Robusta is the second most popular coffee species in the world which accounts for almost 30% of the coffee production. This variety originated from Sub Saharan Africa and was grown from Liberia to Tanzania. It was only recognised as a species of coffea in 1897, a hundred years later after C.Arabica has been widely cultivated. Today, it is mainly grown in the Eastern Hemisphere areas of Indonesia and Vietnam.

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