Coffee varietal


SL34 is a coffee which produces remarkable cup-quality and it is mostly found in Kenya. It’s coffee plant has high yield, it is tall, it’s leaf tips are dark bronze and it has a large bean size. SL34 adapts to high altitude areas with good rainfall and benefits from the rich and acidic soil in Kenyan’s highlands. However, despite its outstanding taste profile, this varietal is highly susceptible to the coffee berry disease, coffee leaf rust and pest.

SL34 coffee exhibits the following traits in its taste profile:

  • Rich, full body
  • Pleasantly sweet acidity
  • Fruity and floral aroma
  • Flavour notes: lemon, blackberry, honey, chocolatey

SL34 was originally selected in Kenya the late 1930s at the Scott Agricultural Laboratories (for more on Scott Labs, see SL28). Individual tree selections made at the Scott Laboratories in Kenya during the 1935-1939 period were prefixed “SL.” SL34 was selected from a single tree on the Loresho Estate in Kabete, Kenya since research at the Scott Laboratories was often conducted in cooperation with local, private estate owners. The tree was labeled “French Mission.”

French missionaries known as Spiritans established a mission in 1893 at Bura (Taita Hills, Kenya), in which Bourbon coffee seeds originating from La Réunion island were planted. The seedlings from Bura were brought to another French Mission in Saint Austin (near Nairobi) in 1899, and from there seeds were distributed to settlers willing to grow coffee. This is the origin of so-called French Mission coffee.

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