Coffee varietal


Birthed in Ethiopia, Typica is considered one of the most iconic and genetically important coffee varietal. It is parent to many popular hybrids like the Pacamara as well as the famous Blue Mountain coffee. Although it has a downside of being susceptible to pest and diseases, its high-quality cup profile still causes it to attract demand. Typica trees have tall and thin trunks; they have conical branches and are identified by its dark leaves with bronze tips.

Typica coffee exhibits the following traits in its taste profile:

  • Clean taste, light-to-medium body
  • Unique sweetness, vibrant acidity
  • Fruity (papaya) and nutty aroma
  • Flavour notes: lime, mango, brown sugar

Typica has a long history and is integral to the coffee variety family tree. It has traveled from Ethiopia in Africa, where it was born, to India and Indonesia, and then throughout Central America and South America. Thus, a plethora of different mutations of Typica have been created. Today, Typica varieties can be found in every major coffee-growing region in the world. However, due to Typica's low-resistant to pests and diseases, producers prefer to grow newly researched varieties and develop cultivars (mutated and crossed coffee plants of Typica) which possess more attractive characteristics.

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