TCE 2.0 (covid)


9 months black out period

In 2020, COVID spread like wild fire. where there are civilisations, the virus thrives unrestricted. Human is the critical fuel necessary for killing 4 million and infecting 200 million.
COVID came and changed the way we live our lives. COVID came and became the new common cold.
norm will never be the same again. businesses will have to evolve, or face extinction like the rest of the breathing kind.


12 months covid strikes


TCE@OCH, our first outlet after the dark apocalyptic year, is also known as "The Father's House". As we restart and rebuild, COVID continued to evolve. Though not something to emulate, there within the virus, lies a 🔑Key to any entity's survival.

Evolve? mutate? No words can fully describe the pure survival instinct embedded within the genome of one who wants to change. Such source of change is what we seek. Such is also what we would instill in all our beneficiaries that wants to turn around.

From Ashes tce 2.0 arises

TCE Academy

From each success and failure of working with ex-drug abusers & dealers, we documented the experiences. Over the years, we developed a system of rehabilitation. Our system of training to guide the fallen back on track.
Providing jobs is a start to their new life. To couple their restart with proper guidance & mindset adjustment, their chances of recovery is sharply increased.

Hence, we focused on improving the system to help them adjust their mindset.

the rest is yet to be written

M e n U