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We are updating our whole system to serve your better.
Thank you for being patient with our new start.
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Welcome to The Caffeine Experience. Each meal from our restaurant cafe is much more than its ingredients. It is a precise balance of science and craft. It takes patience and time, and is the result of experimentation, refinement, and physical hard work.

The Caffeine Experience

is dedicated solely

to the creation of

delicious & meaningful

drinks & meals

enjoy your meal

(Without preparing it)

Delicious meals,
(without all the extra work)

Our chefs will make the uniquely styled look & taste of the food to get to you in no time. Enjoy spending time with your family while still having the most delicious food ever.

Order brekfast, lunch or dinner

Your food is few clicks away. Browse our menu of 5 star rated meals & forget about wasting time preparing food. Just enjoy the food which cost less than preparing a feast.

"Now I get to spend more quality time with my family while still eating well prepared restoraunt made food"
- Kelvin