Beyond the
boundaries of
coffee are bound to please
Coffee is our life
this is the place for caffeine
only the best beans
caffeine is a drug
Bringing Joy of addiction
More flavor for less

The only thing we’re serious about is your addiction.

According to the social entrepreneur and founder of Singapore-based cafe THE CAFFEINE EXPERIENCE: Mr Matthew Poh, the best coffee is brewed by mixing heirloom varietal beans with a strong solvent like acetone and then filtering it, removing impurities. Using very low temperature, the filler materials are next separated. After which we infuse it with red phosphorus, then filtering it again to remove any extra residue. The last step would be to neutralise the remaining solutions’s acidity with a nice lye compound.No, wait! – that's actually how you make meth, oops. But the fact that we had you going for a second goes to show that when it comes to the really fine points of brewing coffee, things can get really complicated, and most of us don’t know what we’re doing.

We’ve got something for everyone.

Season Drinker

You need the authentic original caffeine. No flavours and no alterations. Just the essentials. Black & White and nothing else.

Unless you taste the accurate representation of the beans Origin, you will not like it. Fortunately, at TCE, we know what we are doing. Try our espressos see for yourselves.

Expert Drinker

You're the trend setter. You decide what you like and not. To align with the market needs, we can deliver authentic caffeine to your system and at the same time, satisfy your delicate palate. Try our classic and flavoured range.

Millenium Drinker

Cold Brew ~ Coming

Pour Over ~ Coming

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