Coffee Extracton Process

Oct 30, 2021

According to the experienced barista, social entrepreneur and founder of Singapore-based cafe THE CAFFEINE EXPERIENCE: Mr Matthew Poh, the best coffee is brewed by mixing  heirloom varietal beans with a strong solvent like acetone and then filtering it, removing impurities. Using very low temperature, the filler materials are next separated. After which the mixture infuse with red phosphorus, then filtering it again to remove any extra residue. The last step would be to neutralise the remaining solutions acidity with a nice lye compound.

NO WAIT! – that's actually how you make meth, oops. But the fact that we had you going for a second goes to show that when it comes to the really fine points of brewing coffee, things can get really complicated, and most of us don’t know what we’re doing.

Siphon coffee brew method uses steam pressure to force “almost-boiling-water” to a chamber where the coffee sits in anticipation. Just below boiling, the mixture is allowed to amalgamate for a duration of about 45s. When the heat is turned off and the cooling process starts, the immersed coffee solution is then sucked back into the initial chamber, creating possibly known to the industry players as the best tasting coffee version of the selected bean

V60 coffee brew method. Coffee Grinds coarseness are experimented to get the right size for the specific filter we have. Varying the pour volume and speed using only gravity as the only pressure, we adjust the extraction of the coffee to get the best possible flavours. Blooming and Sitting are the stages where we can fine-tune to ensure optimal extraction.

However, I think that the ranking of brews depends on your personal preference for the different sensory rewards enjoyed by brewing the variants of caffeine. There are no rights or wrongs. Just different technics for different baristas to assess different varieties of beans, so to professionally serve a good cup of joe. 

Have you recently been to a cafe with a barista? Have a cup. Enjoy a conversation and probably one day, you might even develop you own routine that give rise to new name. 

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