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Nestle Marketing Team Caffeine Training 2018

A successful event was held in the vicinity of Bukit Timah. The Caffeine Experience conducted a general education package for Nestle Marketing Team. Nestle as a leader in their field of caffeine product knows the importance of providing their team with the necessary skills and knowledge of caffeine. Their search for a competent provider ended with their appointment of THE CAFFEINE EXPERIENCE.

We were to consolidate a basic package of general knowledge of Coffee skills. From cupping, to espresso hands-on to Seed to Cup. This package was arranged and delivered as a training session over a 10-hours session of lectures, tasting and practical works. In all, it was a tiring but fulfilling day.

For those who are interested in arranging COFFEE TRAINING for your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Nestle Marketing Team Caffeine Training 2018



January 7, 2022

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