Brewing a Second Chance
Yellow Ribbon, a social drive to help ex-offenders reintegrate into society.
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We know you need your fix quick, when you need it, where you want it, hence we try to make it available at your convenience.

Step 1 | order your food
Step 2 | make payment
Step 3 | Await for your food to arrive
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This is our roasting machine for the delicious coffee that you are drinking

"we are not just retailing a product, we are sharing with you our experience of mastering the art of roasting, grinding, brewing your favourite addiction."

"Coffee Seed", the one and only, and like our life, was born, will live for a period and will die in the end. She is alive! While she goes through her adolescence, we gather them from the farms. Through many intricate steps, we process it into the coffee we know so well. Every little step that we take will have a direct impact on the final taste of the beverage.
At TCE, we take pride in owning the steps required to ensure that you get to enjoy a quality cup of Joe. With the procured green beans, we roast her, breath her, grind her, tamper her and finally brew her into the aromatic cup of addiction that you so desire. This, paired with the many original and well-received recipes, we serve you, our first love, our speciality and your favourite drug of choice ;
. .C A F F E I N E. .


"Ex-offenders or not, we believe that anyone, if given a choice, will want to excel. ."

we do it?

We walk with them, believe them,
trust them, work with them,
& live a life, as one of them.

More importantly, we have to inspire them;
to be a better person than they were yesterday &
to live a better life than it was in the past.

we do?

Daily, We practice of the art of
coffee brewing, food crafting & cafe management,
so that we can be equipped with the necessary skills to
deliver exceptional experiences to our customer.

are we?

we are those who have taken the wrong steps,
We are those who have turned over to the dark side,
we are those who have paid for our mistakes in Changi prison,
we are those who just want to restart our life without prejudice .

We cannot go back and make a brand new BEGINNING
but we can start now and make a brand new ENDING.


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