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Case Study



...... all the kids in TCE looks up to you. They take your every word and facial expression to be the guide for them to decide on their next step. .......

Shariff Hussain

The Newbee.

My walk with you during this 2 years was remarkable. In the beginning when you first joined TCE, you shared with me about stories of the Hong Kong movie : Young & Dangerous. You spoke with a grin on your face about your beloved machete. Undoubtedly, I can also see the passion burning inside you, and how you envisioned yourself to be a headman figure, believing probably that the former two points to be your pillar of motivation. Yet somewhere in those conversations, I saw the regret on your face. 

The carefree

Through this 2 years, I have seen how you have transformed time after time, overcoming challenges that will slam most people into fits and scream giving up. Yet from reacting to situations, you transformed to assessing circumstances. From verbally voicing your opinions, to a focused state studying other’s opinions. From being oblivious to the hopeless around you, you are mentoring the helpless who needs you. From choice alienation from the unstable, to being a mentor brother to the fatherless. And you also need to know, all the kids in TCE looks up to you. They take your every word and facial expression to be the guide for them to decide on their next step. 

Without a doubt, you are not just the headman that you envisioned in the past that is dependent on external attachment. You have excelled and grew beyond all you dreamt off. Now you are a leader that I am super proud of. A leader not formed by positions nor appointment, but by the character and clarity of who you are. 

The Leader

You grew from being a single, to having a girlfriend, to being married and now awaiting to receive a new human into this world.  You have also walked with giants like Yellow Ribbon’s Father ~ JASON WONG & Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for Health since 2020, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs since 2018. ~ MASAGOS ZULKIFLI.  

Fear not if someone talks about your past. It is with those experiences that you are who you are today. Hide not & run not from who you were; accept yourself for who you are. You are Shariff, the headman of TCE from 2019~2022. Be brave in embarking on your new endeavour. A new endeavour with much bigger responsibilities as a man. A man that knows how to lead and protect his family. You are now the embodiment of the power of a real man, the power that lies, not in any attack but in the quiet protection of those around you. The faithful reliability of inconspicuous pillars.

You were part of TCE. You are still part of TCE. We are family and it will always be so. Go forth with our blessings and prayer that all will be smooth and peaceful in your life ahead. 

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